Lasica on “the new media landscape”

JD Lasica has a very interesting write up of the American Press Institute Media Center three-day seminar on Emerging Technology, Business and Policy. Lots of good stuff in there, but here’s a few highlights:

From Feedster: use your “offsite audience” by “using lightweight structure (offer some part of all content as xml; offer the mechanics for accepting same). Be the center of an ecology (content, technology). Specialize and integrate (next generation of big dotcoms are all web services; combine the best features of each for your syndicated audience). Use open source software whenever possible.”

“Rafer also invited Buzznet, Socialtext and Pubsub to join Feedster in putting together a 2- to 3-page whitepaper on how the Associated Press (or other entity) could offer Little League scores and highlights, culled from volunteer citizen journalist-bloggers, across their network of client papers and websites.”

Lasica also asked a very relevant question from the floor: How do you turn newspapers from a publication into a conversation? He got three answers:

Ross Mayfield: Give users a chance to built upon your product. Give people the freedom to remix your content — to take it in new directions — by tagging your material with a Creative Commons license.

Bob Wyman: One roadblock is that you can’t find the conversation about your story on the media site itself. What you need is a button or listing of comments about this story, so that “you suck the entire Internet into your local paper as the environment in which to talk about the paper.
They can be blog entries, videocasts, audiocasts, so that the paper once again becomes the focal point of your community.”

Jim Kennedy: Let the readers continue the discussion begun in the story by conversing with the sources.

There’s also some good stuff in there about my alma mater Yahoo!, including the revelation (well, I think it’s a revelation) that one per cent of their traffic is now coming from RSS. And remember, this is a site whose main services in terms of page views are Mail and Chat. That is amazing.