NY Times about About

PaidContent have done a good interview with Martin Nisenholtz, SVP-Digital Operations at the New York Times, which includes this:

It seems really primed for target advertising.
Nisenholtz: That’s the essence of it. That’s where all the ramp is. There’s tremendous running room in this business. The model we’ve acquired is a web 2.0 model; it’s not a centralized model, it’s a decentralized model where the content is created by passionate individuals who have a competency and a desire to reach the public and that scales into many, many categories and it scales potentially geographically. When we think about the strategy going forward, we think there is tremendous running room in the business, tremendous ramp against that scalability, which is much harder to do in a more traditional content environment because the way the content is created tends to be more costly.

I think that’s a really articulate and really interesting precis of a digital media future, in that it combines thinking about community, clusters of interest, targetting advertising and super-niche content.