NYTimes previews its archives – a bit

This is interesting: according to David Weinberger, the New York Times is going to make synsopses of its stories available as a means of promoting its paid-for archives (read Weinberger’s post here:

The NY Times famously moves stories from their original links to new ones in the for-pay archive after a week. As a result, important stories exit the public sphere, and the newspaper of record becomes the newspaper of broken links. [See ‘Note on Links’ at end.] So, starting in April, NYTimes.com is going to publish thousands of topic pages, each aggregating the content from the 10 million articles in its archive, going back to 1851, including graphics and multimedia resources. [NOTE: They are not opening their archive. The content will likely be descriptions created for the Times Index; you’ll still have to pay to see articles in the archive.] Topics that get their own page might include Boston, Terrorism, Cloning, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Condoleeza Rice. News stories will link to these topic pages. And – the Times must hope – these pages, with their big fat permanent addresses, may start rising in Google’s rankings.

Weinberger neatly elucidates the problems with this strategy so go and read what he has to say.