EBay Continues Hunt For Classified-Ad Revenue

Update to my post about eBay – the far more informed PaidContent.org has this to say:

“Think of them as a quasi-Craigslist rather than the print classified model. eBay spokesman Hani Duzy told Reuters the company’s 25-percent interest in Craigslist is doing in the U.S. what Kijiji is designed to do abroad.

Newspapers aren’t laying back. Reuters also brings up Craigslist look-alike Tribe.net‘s efforts to transform its social networking sites into ‘local resource and classified-ad services’ backed with $6.3 million from Knight Ridder, the Washington Post Co. and VC firm Mayfield.”

Wow. That kind of investment from dead-tree media really does suggest something interesting going on.

(Via PaidContent.org.)