Two Years To Rollable Displays In Mobiles


I’m getting very interested in rollable displays and where they might be taking us. In fact, I’m sort of confused that more people aren’t interested in this. It feels like it might be an elephant in the room of distributed digital content. So this on PaidContent from a article by James Pearce was interesting:

Philips Electronics has announced the development of a display with a five inch diagonal that can be rolled into a tube of 7.5 mm. It has also claimed the display uses an ‘exceptionally’ low amount of power, making it ideal for mobile devices. While this won’t directly affect mobile content development, a quick look at the screen to the right shows that browsing the internet and watching images will be a whole lot better. If the display is flexible I don’t know how well it would do for games, but this technology will definitely change the way people create content for mobile devices.”

And for me that picture is a bit of a Damascus moment. A screen that rolls out like that from a phone makes a lot of physical sense, at least to me.