LookSmart white labels Furl

This is very interesting:

LookSmart rolls out syndicated products with Furl.net: Furl allows publisher audiences to: quickly archive documents that are essential to them while using their own naming for topics, store the text as opposed to just the URL, and to access their web-based archive from any computer. Plus, Furl allows users to search for links to content across a member network and build associations between other individuals who share a passion. By encouraging friends, family and associates to visit their archive, members evangelize a publisher’s site through their personal relationships.

This seems very smart, at least because del.icio.us would never do it in its current incarnation. But the announcement is unclear on a clear thing: if a publisher were to white label Furl, would it be able to limit its “member network” to just its own users, or would it be the entire Furl community? It seems to me it would be a powerful thing to say “other Guardian Unlimited users” linked to something as well as “other Furl users.”