MyWeb – better than I thought

A nice chap called Chris Thun from Yahoo! Search left a comment on my post about MyWeb yesterday and pointed out that MyWeb DOES include tagging (pretty heavily and well, actually), and I must have been using the MyWeb 1.0 beta.

And he’s right. Somehow I managed to start on MyWeb2.0 and then switch to MyWeb1.0. I should have spotted it, of course, but then again it does seem to my there’s some messy beta overlap going on here. My Yahoo! Toolbar, for instance, is pointing to the MyWeb1.0 beta, and the work I did to reorganise folders is showing up on 1.0 but not on 2.0.

So apologies for the bad early review, but no apologies for the confusion. It is pretty confusing, isn’t it? So how do I get all my work from MyWeb1.o into MyWeb2.0?

One thought on “MyWeb – better than I thought

  1. hate to say it, but there’s a simple, yet not completely satisfactory reason for the confusion and lack of integration with my web 1.0 in the UK…yahoo hasn’t rolled out my web 2.0 for UK. it’s an early stage beta in the US to get some feedback and evaluate a broader roll-out of the product. stay tuned…


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