Sell-side advertising and job searches

From Fred Wilson’s blog, where he’s discussing his VC investment in vertical jobs search provider Indeed:

A VC: Indeed: We are a believer in what some of us are calling “sell side advertising”. That’s the idea that advertisers will put their ads on the Internet for anyone to find and display. And if the advertiser gets clicks back, they will pay for the clicks.

Job search is one of the first places that sell-side advertising is going to happen because most employers already put the jobs they are currently looking to fill on their web sites. Those jobs are the “sell side” ads. Indeed and others are crawling the Internet, grabbing those “ads” and displaying them.

It just makes so much sense. Most large employers have HR systems in place which allow managers to automatically post open positions to the web. Those systems then take the incoming applications/resumes they collect on their web sites and process them into the hiring workflow.

This makes a lot of sense to me, as does the fact that Indeed does a great job of organising the “vacancysphere” in the same way that does with news. As many people have said, there’s a lot of juice in aggregation. What I don’t get, though, is how Indeed will compete with Yahoo, which, as I’ve said before, has embraced exactly the same model in the same way. It seems to me that the portals are now very much alive to the potential of their power as aggregators – as you’ll realise straight away if you customise your own Google News RSS feed.

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  1. Finally! Having news alerts e-mailed to me never really interested me but having them as an rss feed! Ahhh, thank you Google! And thank you for bringing them to my attention – going to add them to my feed reader now.


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