Guardian announces launch date for new paper format

I’ve been itching to shout about this for a long time, and today we’ve announced that the new format version of the Guardian newspaper will hit the streets on September 12. Full press release is below.

I have never for a minute subscribed to the “death of newspapers” theories, and believe me – the redesigned Guardian is beautiful and exciting and will want you to buy newspapers again. Just suspend any prejudices you may have, be they anti-Guardian or anti-paper, on September 12 and get yourself a copy if you’re in the UK or Ireland. You may disagree with what is said in the words, but you won’t be able to argue that the format isn’t spectacular.

PRESS RELEASE: The Guardian names Berliner launch date

The Guardian will launch its new full-colour “Berliner” format on Monday 12 September, heralding a new era in national newspaper publishing and celebrating a passionate commitment to quality journalism, photography and design.

This will be the only full-colour national newspaper in the UK, using the most advanced newspaper presses in the country, in an innovative format uniquely combining journalistic integrity with ease of handling.

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of Guardian Newspapers Ltd., said: “This is a historic moment for the Guardian. With this bold move we will have the most modern and vibrant newspaper in the country alongside the best online newspaper in the world. No other newspaper is so well placed to address the print and internet needs of both readers and advertisers. No other newspaper group has ever achieved the building of a new print centre and the installation of new presses in just 12 months. The editorial ambition, the commitment and the energy shown by every one of our staff, has been phenomenal.”

Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian, said: “The challenge for us was to remain true to our journalism, now attracting a record worldwide audience online, while at the same time finding a modern print format for a new generation of readers in this country. We believe we’ve found it with the Berliner format, which combines the portability of a tabloid with the sensibility of a broadsheet. We’re confident that this will be a successful new step on the Guardian’s long and distinguished journey, and will strengthen still further the Guardian’s reputation for serious, trusted, independent journalism.”

Through the week, the Guardian has been redesigned from scratch, providing easy navigation through the separate sections that have been integral to the paper’s success. A full-colour News section will set new standards for the use of photography and graphics, and will contain the most authoritative national, international and financial news, with a new daily science page, a new economics section, and expanded comment and letters pages. Former Times and London Evening Standard Editor Simon Jenkins starts the first of his new twice-weekly columns on Wednesday 14 September. Among several innovations, the award-winning G2 section, which pioneered the use of the tabloid format by quality newspapers, will become the UK’s first daily newsprint magazine. Half-Berliner sized, stitched and full-colour, G2 will share the deadlines of the news section, allowing it to combine the sharp, news reactive journalism that has been its hallmark, with the design values and convenience of a magazine. There will be a new separate daily full-colour Sport section, with 12 pages Tuesday to Friday and even more on Saturday and Monday. The G3 sections will be expanded from tabloid to Berliner size, with Media Guardian on Monday, Education Guardian on Tuesday, Society Guardian on Wednesday, and a new Technology Guardian on Thursday. On Friday, the Review section will become Film and Music.

The new nine section full-colour Saturday Guardian launches in the Berliner format on 17 September. Alongside redesigned News and Sport sections and the ground-breaking The Guide, the package includes a stylish redesign of Weekend magazine, with 16 extra pages of fashion, beauty, well-being, homes, gardens, property and food. A new eight-page section, Family, will engage with the lives of the modern family. New separate Work and Money sections will replace the current Jobs and Money section, and Travel and Review receive Berliner size makeovers.

The “Berliner” format, popular in Europe but never before used by a national newspaper in the UK, is mid-way between a tabloid and a broadsheet, with a page dimension of 470 mm x 315mm, and will be sold folded. The new Guardian design has been created by an in-house team led by Creative Editor Mark Porter, using an exclusive new typeface – Guardian Egyptian – that has been specially created for the Guardian. The Berliner Guardians will be printed in a newly built Guardian Print Centre in Stratford, East London, and at Trafford Park Printing (TPP) in Manchester, using three new MAN Roland ColorMAN presses. Copies for Ireland will be printed at Morton Newspapers in Portadown. Internationally, the Guardian will be printed in the Berliner format in Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Marseilles and, digitally, in New York.

The weekday Guardian costs 60p, the Saturday Guardian costs £1.20.

The Observer, the Guardian’s award-winning Sunday sister paper, will move to the Berliner format in early 2006.

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  2. Lloyd,

    I am *so* looking forward to the ‘Berliner’ Guardian that I am half afraid it will be an anti-climax. Your words give me new hope! I am glad that The Guardian is doing something different and distinctive to the other ex-broadsheets.


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