Fox building a portal?

Is Fox building a portal? That’s the question is asking:

That’s according to some feelers and other messaging coming out from the company. Also, in its latest annual report, it has this line: “FIM will focus on leveraging the Company’s current and archived video assets, while building an integrated web domain with multiple points of entry and navigation capabilities that users will be able to customize and personalize.”

If Fox does build a portal, and then make that the main gateway to their content, big mistake. Fox isn’t a brand that people care about. Nor is Warner Bros. or Columbia or United Artists or any of them. Disney might just be, Pixar isn’t (but could be one day), Dreamworks definitely isn’t. Why do these entertainment companies think they have entertainment “brands” that are strong enough to build web portals on? My kids don’t care about Fox; they care about Star Wars and Ice Age and The Simpsons. Those are the brands. A million-pieces-loosely-joined strategy that allowed people to access their favourite content in any way they chose is what is required here, not another massive bucket on the web whose front page crumples under the weight of getting people to what they want.