Napsterization on Yahoo and Flickr IDs

Following my post last week about Yahoo IDs, here’s a nice thought along the same lines from Napsterization:

Flickr and Yahoo and identity management: Yahoo could take it’s hundreds of millions of IDs (that all authenticate in Yahoo’s system through the front section of their email accounts) like joeblow468 which is really, and change those to iNames. Yahoo could become an iBroker for all of it’s IDs, which are unique, turning them into:


or better yet

These ids could then easily be interchangeable with Flickr IDs:

… I think what Yahoo is really looking for is something simple to integrate IDs between their company and those they acquire, as well as ways to make themselves more open. I don’t think they intend to freak everybody out, or make them paranoid because of the necessary integration. If Yahoo used an iName system, all ID’s no matter where they come from could be made into iNames, with Yahoo as iBroker, where they could then integrate additional ID’s into this system. ID’s from newly acquired systems could remain essentially the same.

She also says some interesting things about the experience of “losing” your Flickr ID which I, in my autistic male unempathetic way, hadn’t even considered.