How great are PubSub LinkRanks? Not quite great enough

The new PubSub LinkRanks service is a thing of great power and beauty, but there seems to be one obvious thing missing which would make it transforming for media owners: the URLs on our site which others are linking to. That would enable us to see what we published that made a big noise. As it is, I need to go into our internal stats and find out why on September 7 we were the number one site for incoming links on the planet (well, PubSub’s version of the planet, at least). If the functionality’s there, I must have missed it. Hell, they could even make that a paid-for service and I’d buy it.

One thought on “How great are PubSub LinkRanks? Not quite great enough

  1. I’m glad you like what we’ve done so far with PubSub LinkRanks and want to assure you that we’ll be providing much more detail in the statistics that we publish in the future. On of the most interesting future features will, in fact, be precisely the capability that you’ve asked for. However, please be aware that at PubSub, while we have a constant stream of new features being released, we like to keep the feature releases small to ensure that they are well tested. I can’t tell you when we’ll be providing the URL information you’ve asked for, but we’ll release it as soon as it works to our standards. In the meantime, I hope you continue to find value in what we’re already doing.

    bob wyman


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