Google rips some more value out

Google raised the bar in the last 24 hours by ripping value out of two completely separate industries in the same day – classifieds (Google Base) and analytics (Google Analytics). Haven’t played with Analytics much yet, though from what I can see it’s got amazing functionality and will make free stats systems like Sitemeter (which I use) pretty much redundant. Also I was surprised that the Analytics terms of service doesn’t seem to give Google the explicit right to use the data for its own purposes, even in the aggregate, but I’m no lawyer (they may not need this explicit right under American law, I guess), and the overall Google privacy policy appears to apply to Analytics as well.

Google Base is more disruptive. I think recruitment advertising will stay away – job ads need to get more customisable and flexible, and the nature of Google Base means it’s difficult to do that. For sale ads, though, could well disappear into the Google maw, though the last three years have seen so much value ripped out of that business (Craigslist, Gumtree et al) that Google’s move may just confirm a trend.