Reuters video installed

I’ve installed the Reuters video player (which I wrote about here). It’s in a pop-up which you can <a href="click on here. It is unbelievably easy to implement, and there are some limited configuration tools (background colour and such). The email from Brightcove (who are providing the service for Reuters) was pretty clear and friendly too.

My only real gripe with is it the size: it’s 540×360, take it or leave it. That’s quite a hefty chunk of real estate for any site to give away (which is why I’ve put it in a pop-up). A smart move might be a second, much smaller version, which people could embed in margins or even within blog posts. Which leads to another idea: if it was possible to embed a smaller player AND select the video it was playing, people could extract video within blog posts in just the same way they extract text today. Which would be pretty amazing, the more I think about it. There is an option to configure the starting video – which I haven’t played with – but what I’m talking about is the ability to play only one video, and then refer to it in the surrounding blog post.