Dutch turn blogs into paper

Here’s an interesting story: the Dutch are planning to turn blogs into print, according to Blogherald:

The folks behind Dutch blogging service Startlog.nl have announced they will be launching a print newspaper next month filled with content from Dutch blogs.

The new paper will initially have a print run of 30,000 copies of 24 color pages in tabloid format, and will be distributed for free throughout the country. Startlog.nl said that they hopped to attract enough advertisers to be able to pay bloggers who are featured in the paper for future editions.

What interests me is how the transition from online to print will change the legal status of what’s been written. Will there be a corrections policy, I wonder? Will they be buying libel insurance? Will they be making a PDF version of the print product available online?

Slightly facetious questions, of course. But really, why wouldn’t you produce an online packaged version of the the blog posts rather than a print version? Or maybe they already do and I just haven’t seen it.