Aggregating comments and personality

Reading Jeff’s post on CoComment got me really excited about the possibilities. CoComment is in closed beta at present, but the idea is a big one: aggregate all your comments on other people’s blogs into one place which you can then use within your own blog. Jeff takes this idea and runs with it with this wishlist:

I wish I could collect the crumbs I leave across the web: a review on Amazon, a photo on Flickr, a tag on, a group-podcast soundbite at Schlaflos in Muenchen, a quote in a news story, a hotel rating at Trip Advisor, a forum posting most anywhere, a comment on a blog, an edit on a wiki, and interactivity yet to be invented. I wish I could bake that all together – every bit of it with permalinks and authorship – into a feed on my blog that can be organized in clever ways by topic and content type. I wish I could follow all those bits of conversation. And if I really want to get a headache, I want there to be more layers of conversation on top of all that. Oh, and it needs to be searchable. We’ll figure out the ad opportunities later.

That is my aggregated identity. That is my tsotchketrail. And this, I think, is a first step toward that.

Nice. And as a publisher, I’d like to add to that list of ideas: what about letting people provide their “tstochketrails” alongside Guardian content? Use tags to pull it together, and get the juice on what people are saying wherever they’re saying it. Very nice.

Or again – what about giving selected advertisers access to my trail in return for unspecified goodies?