links for 2008-11-17

  • "But the bedrock strength of Tindle Newspapers is the opposite of lunches with the London mighty: all 225 titles are sacredly local. Editors print lists of funeral mourners and flower show winners in a way that once gave the weekly Somerset Guardian Standard 125% penetration in Frome. That's a quarter of the town buying more than one copy a week. Tindle's favourite story is how he gave the Tenby Observer a second chance in 1978, when it was so bankrupt that he had to use a call box to phone the receiver because the lines were cut. "They'd tried to save it by expanding and turning into the West Wales Observer. That was exactly the wrong thing to do. I asked the staff if they could get the paper out that week, they said 'yes' and I said: 'I'm in then, but throw out anything that isn't Tenby. We're not interested in Carmarthen and Haverfordwest.'""
  • "But there is another, anthropological, point of view. Exhaust data is, I think, a clear case of "phatic communication." This is communication with little hard, informational content, but lots of emotional and social content. Phatic communications doesn't get much said, but it has social effects so powerful, it gets lots done. " via Russell Davies

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