links for 2009-02-10

  • "The press are always eager to announce that x thousand people have complained to the BBC about this, or that ITV has been deluged by n number of complaints about that, almost as soon as a programme has been transmitted. The most recent numerical data published by the PCC is in their 2007 Annual Report, and they produce a newsletter every few months. They should publish a monthly bulletin of complaints with detailed statistics of which publications, and which sections of the code, are generating the most contacts from the public. Then we'd all be able to see clearly the extent to which editors are adhering to the spirit as well as the letter of the code of conduct."
  • "Plastic Logic announced plans to launch a content store concurrently with the Plastic Logic Reader. The Company will work with a wide range of content aggregators, publishers and content creators large and small to offer a wide range of business and leisure content including newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs and ebooks at launch. Today, Plastic Logic also announced the first partners to distribute and sell content via its store, including the Financial Times, USA TODAY and leading content aggregators including Ingram Digital, LibreDigital, and Zinio for sales and distribution of leading digital editions of newspapers, magazines, books and more. The Company is also working with Fictionwise to build its econtent store. (See related press release also issued today: “Plastic Logic Announces First Content Partners for its eReader and eCommerce Content Store.”) "
  • "Tvinci announced a $1.6 million first round of funding from Zohar Gilon and Ron Tamir’s Keidan Capital Group Monday. This is actually only $600,000 in new investment since last time we reported on the Tel Aviv-based video platform company, mid-funding raise, in January. At the time, we called it a hopeful little startup given how much it had done — scoring paying deals with MTV and Orange, and a reseller partnership with NDS — with so little resources."

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