links for 2009-02-12

  • The Midland News Association is experimenting with an alternative to CPM-based online advertising – and has begun selling web display ads by the hour.

    The publisher – which owns Britain’s biggest regional daily, the Wolverhampton Express and Star – has teamed up with a Scandinavian company, Adicate for the project.

  • "Well, we've all watched the quality of old media spiralling downward. Almost anyone nowadays can get their opinion in print or their face on telly by claiming to be an expert or the leader of a movement*." Spot. On.
    (tags: politics)
  • "Plaxo reported today that it has seen a staggering 92% of users who clicked on the "log-in with Gmail" button come back to Plaxo with permission to authenticate their identities via Gmail granted. Of those who returned, another 92% also granted permission for Plaxo to access their contacts list. Only 8% of the people who clicked to log in with a standards based 3rd party authentication ended up deciding to bail instead. That's the kind of ease-of-use that people presumed only Facebook Connect could provide."
  • "Since Twitter cut off their Jabber feed from TwitterLocal, we had to rely purely on the XML API, which meant that only about 20% of Tweets from the public timeline got into TwitterLocal. Now that Twitter has a location-based search API, we don't have to cache the posts anymore. So now, TwitterLocal is going to be purely an Adobe AIR based application that allows you to filter Tweets by location."
    (tags: local)

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