Using wigouts to promote yourself

The edit of the video breaks up the rhythm of the interview, so the full awkwardness can’t be appreciated unless you watch the complete segment (a bootleg of which is currently available on YouTube). That’s in theory what CBS was hoping to do last night: lure gawkers (and Gawker readers) to tune in. But the editors might have done too good a job encapsulating the weirdest moments — either that, or the video didn’t get online in time to circulate widely enough. Either way, Letterman’s ratings showed no visible improvement last night, going from a 3.8/10 on Tuesday to a 3.0/8 on Wednesday, and still coming in second to Leno.

I can’t bring myself to watch this, but do sort of ask myself what this says about our attitudes to our audience – show them a bit of something awful, in the hope that they want to respond to the full awfulness when it’s broadcast. I mean, I get it, it’s good media – but has no-one read Ben Elton’s Popcorn?

I posted this via web and the content originally came from Lloyd’s posterous

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