links for 2009-03-11

  • "Last week I shared with my commissioning and production colleagues a set of ten principles which should underpin all new activities on BBC Online. These principles are based on a looser set which has existed for a couple of years (and can still be found on Tom Loosemore's blog) but I have tightened them up." Very practical, these. I like them.
    (tags: bbc)
  • "And because of this luxury that technology has afforded us – not for any other reason, not because of a change in attitudes, not because we value our favourite songs any less, purely because of the digitising of media – people now say "the future of the media is freedom", as some kind of Robin Hood-esque rallying cry. OK, that's fine, but it takes time and money to produce stuff to entertain people, to make a record, to produce a video, to knock a newspaper feature into shape, to take your band on the road. Now, you might conceivably think that people in creative industries don't deserve to be paid, that it's a poncy job, that it's not critical to our lives in the same way that food producers or doctors are. And if you really believe that, fair enough. But say so. Don't throw your hands up in despair and ask media producers why on earth they can't sustain their activities if you're not prepared to give them some cash in return."

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