The Generation Gap is alive and well

I spent the last two days on the BBC’s very good induction course (learning new respect for the skills of shooting video and recording audio, among other things). There were about 80 people on the course, three-quarters of whom were in their 20s.

We did the normal things older media people do when they meet younger people (what do you watch? is it really true you just play games and shag? why do your trousers not fit?), but we older types were really feeding vampirically off the enormous energy and enthusiasm of these younger people. They were up for anything, massively pleased to be at the BBC, and astoundingly creative and committed to producing good stuff. If someone wanted to try “just another shot”, you can bet it was someone born under Thatcher.

Without wanting to sound wide-eyed and reckless, it really was a pleasure. While the media is controlled by white male fortysomethings, young people will always be either ignored, patronised or criticised. But these particular young people were too cheerful and too clever to care.

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