Puffbox.com on the Supreme Court website

It’s rare to find a website builder being up-front about what he thinks websites should cost, but Simon Dickson is always straightforward and he lets rip with both barrels over the cost of the Supreme Court’s Logica-built website. £360k to you, guv:

You need to ask yourself whether £360,000 seems like a fair price for such a website. I’d suggest it isn’t. Even with a significant allocation for design, I’d have thought you could produce a similar result – with better functionality – for 95% less. If there’s more going on behind the scenes than is obvious from the front end, perhaps they might like to explain what.

via Puffbox.com » Archive » Supreme Court’s untendered website cost revealed.

Good show. As a former Yahoo colleague once memorably said in a meeting: “I know how long it takes to build a website. It takes six weeks.”

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