How Google deals with editorial people

Google’s going to find it difficult talking to prickly editorial types, if Youtube’s attempts to sign up bloggers for a San Francisco news experiment are anything to go by:

I am leading a project at YouTube and I thought you might like to be a part of it. [Redacted] gave me your contact information. For the months of July and August, YouTube is going local in San Francisco to encourage citizen videographers — anyone with a video-capable phone or camera, really, — to help cover San Francisco’s news, issues and events and we want local news sites to join us.

If you’re interested, I’m rounding up a group of San Francisco bloggers, writers and digital journalists next week to speak about the project in more detail in person.

via YouTube Explains Top Secret ‘News Experiment’ to Local Media, But Doesn’t Really – San Francisco News – The Snitch.

The meeting is called “Youtube Explains News Project to Bay Area Media”. The only attempt to explain it was the emailing of a link to the Atlantic Monthly articles by James Fallows on how Google will save the news. Which rather suggests that Googlers are now using it as a strategic blueprint. Hmmm.

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