How We Wrote Classic Simpsons Episodes

So the writers assistants would take all those notes, and they’d basically go into storage until it was time to do that episode. And then for that episode we’d be in the writer’s room which is, like, ten or twelve guys, and we’d have a “pitch out” lead sometimes by the show runner but usually, often, lead by the writer. We’d just go through scene by scene, go through the broad strokes, fix any story problems, and just spend the day kind of micromanaging the episode and trying to sort of break it down into scenes as much as you could. Sometimes it could only take an hour and other times it would take two or three days. And when we were done, the writer would go off and write an outline.

How We Wrote Classic Simpsons Episodes | Splitsider See, this is why American television has been so good this last decade-and-a-half. Work, investment, commitment, attention to detail – and it starts with the WRITING. Are you listening, BBC?

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