Gettting Gjelane to school: Donate!!!

After my post a couple of days ago on my friend Elizabeth and her amazing project to set up a small school in Kosovo, a bunch of people on Twitter were very kind to provide advice on how to best raise funds online for the project. Elizabeth has a registered NGO bank account in Kosovo, but things have moved so fast that she has no official vehicle for fundraising in the UK.

So the short-term solution is to use my PayPal account. So now you can donate to the project: there’s a new Donate page on the project’s blog here. We’re having to ask people to trust us that the money will be sent straight to Kosovo – normal bank hours permitting – two days to transfer out of PayPal as we speak :-(. We’ll email everyone who donates, and try and keep the financial wheels greased and moving while more formal structures are set up.

But here’s a thought: only two weeks after speaking to Gjelane, Elizabeth has set up the beginnings of a school, has a web presence, and is raising money from the other side of Europe. Who says the Internet isn’t amazing?

Please contribute something, and soon. Let’s keep this school running, and get these kids a chance in life. There are few enough ways in our world to make a real difference to other human beings – and this is one.

The lovely Donate box picture courtesy of MindfulOne on Flickr.

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