Made in Britain (no, come back!)

When did “Made in Britain” become a phrase which I took to mean “Cheap, Probably Tacky, Not Very Well Put Together, Probably Involving Shortbread”? Sometime between the Austin Allegro and Austin Princess, probably. If it’s Made in Britain, it’s either Crap or Owned By Somebody Else (see under Manufacturers, Automobile).

So it was nice today to take delivery of something that was Made in Britain, had a satisfying heavy engineering quality to it, and came in a box which was almost as delightful as an Apple creation. Congrats to Serious Readers, whose Alex Table Light is now streaming luminescently in the corner of my living room, casting light on the little corner where I go to hide with a book or a Kindle whenever the television goes on.

They’re not cheap. But they’re good. That’s what Made in Britain used to mean, of course.

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