Things I learned today

Commuting to work is ridiculous and is making Americans poor – and that’s even more true in England (Mr Money Mustache)

Amazon got a lot of U.S. page views in September – which means a lot of revenue, probably (Business Insider)

Kobo’s going to launch an ereader in France in partnership with FNAC, and has ambitions across Europe – but no news of a deal in Britain, where Waterstones has made noises about wanting to launch an ereader (PaidContent)

The story behind Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck is more interesting than you’d imagine (Gawker)

David Foster Wallace felt it was OK to make up dialogue in non-fiction piece; at least, that’s what his old friend Jonathan Franzen has implied (The Awl)

There’s a whole world?of Complaints Choirs (Deafening Silence,??ht Tyler Cowen)

Paul Clarke has asked some really interesting questions about public data and semi-public data, and how friction in access to such data could be both deliberate and?socially useful. Read this. (Honestly Real).

People don’t get aggressive because they’re drunk; they get aggressive because they think alcohol will make them aggressive. That’s the problem (BBC News)



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