Laura Morgan on ITV’s Poirot

A quite lovely and very perceptive ramble around ITV’s adaptations of Poirot, in honour of the final series, which is coming this year:

At her best Agatha Christie is very funny, and this is often evident in the pairing of Poirot and his hapless sidekick. The early ITV series, in which both characters invariably appeared, were ? violent deaths notwithstanding ? feelgood TV. They were light-hearted and witty and they spoke of an age of elegance, and painted an affectionate and studiedly beautiful portrait of an England that we would have liked to know, even if it never really quite existed. The attention to detail, both in the scripts and the production, was impeccable; the 1930s costumes and interiors almost ? almost ? as pleasing as the plots.

via Curtain Call ? MostlyFilm.

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