Historical Writers at Kelmarsh

I’ve been invited to join a panel at the Historical Writers’ Association Literary Festival 2012, which is taking part at this year’s Festival of Living History on the 14th and 15th of July. Here’s the rather lovely flyer:

There’s some Big Historical Names on there, and I’m feeling like a bit of an imposter, really. My book The English Monster?is set in the past, but it’s got a lot of stuff in it that isn’t as it were historical. I’ve written something that’s sort-of historical fiction, sort-of crime fiction, and sort-of fantasy horror. I’m thus cursed to live a life being the odd-one-out at conventions, and this will be my first.

But it’s a real buzz to get the chance to hang out with some real historical writers and find out how they do their stuff. I’m on a panel called The Georgian Predilection For Murder with?Imogen Robertson, Rose Melikan and Hallie Rubenhold, so I’ll expect to be talking about the Ratcliffe Highway murders and the archaic, disastrous and mixed-up investigation they spawned. Hope to see you there.

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