The Arctic is screaming

Alexis Madrigal of?The Atlantic?(where else) has a detailed post on this year’s Arctic sea ice measurements. They’re lower than they’ve ever been, they could get even lower; as one scientist said about the previous year’s low, in 2007, “the Arctic is screaming”:?

Even this might not tell the whole story, because this chart only measures the visible sea coverage of the ice. It doesn’t measure how?thick the ice is, and one theory is that the ice is thinning, therefore it’s melting faster, therefore the sea ice coverage declines year on year.

In the year of a US presidential election, when one of the candidates is denying man-made climate change, and the other doesn’t seem too minded to do that much about it, perhaps we need to find ways of giving Arctic ice a voice at the ballot box.

The Mystery at the Heart of This Years Record-Setting Arctic Ice Melt – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic.

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