Paperback launch day!

Today, September 25 2012, is the “official” paperback launch day for The English Monster. It has been on sale in Waterstones during September as part of their Book Club (which is still going), and Amazon seem to have had it for the past week or at least have been promising it to people. But no matter! Today is launch day! The book should be in Smiths, Tesco, even Asda, which is pretty amazing. I’m still holding out for Lidl and the Brixton Poundland.

I shall celebrate my launch with a yoghurt and a strong cup of tea, but in the meantime a?couple of things I’ve written for people this week to coincide with the launch:

a blog post for Isabel Costello, all about the unique experience of writing that “difficult second novel.” Coincidentally, the page proofs for that novel arrived this morning. More about it later.

a thing for Foyles about the strange nature of “reality” when it comes to historical fiction, particularly speculative historical fiction of the kind I’ve been playing with.

Plus, regular visitors (hi Mum!) will note that the blog has had a bit of an autumn facelift. Hope you like it.

And now, a picture of a man earning a well-deserved cup of tea:

Tea time at the convalescent hospital

2 thoughts on “Paperback launch day!

  1. I bought your book on a whim whilst working away from home and I am very glad I did. Superb from start to finish, I am looking forward to reading your next novel.
    Thank you for entertaining me so brilliantly


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