First reviews… and an interview

The first reviews of a new book are exciting and nail-biting in equal measure, so I’m feeling pleased and relieved that my first two for?The Poisoned Island are overwhelmingly positive.

First up was Shotsmag, with the first review of the book anywhere in the world:

For me, this was a novel of rare delight ? mysterious, original, with a cast of convincing characters, mostly historical, and a plot that keeps you guessing almost until the end.

And then came Ellie Warren’s review on her site Curiosity Killed the Bookworm. Ellie’s a tough, clever reviewer, and she doesn’t hand out stars unthinkingly, so I was pleased to grab four of the little blighters:

Although The Poisoned Island follows on from The English Monster, the book works perfectly as a standalone novel. In fact, not knowing the twist of the first book might even be a benefit as I got an idea of what was going early on. I didn?t get it spot on though so there are still surprises and the mystery is only a small part of what is an excellent read with wonderfully evocative descriptions.

Ellie also did an interview with me about the book, which you can read here.

Thanks for Shotsmag and to Ellie Warren – a great start to the book’s journey into the world.

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