A Pound of Obscure May 31, 2013

I keep a tumblr at lloydshep.tumblr.com called A Pound of Obscure. Here’s the last week’s posts from it.

  • explore-blog:

    ?into rotten English

    ?by an ass

    Mark Twain?s?improvements?on the title page of Plutarch?s Lives of Illustrious Men. Twain, a master of dissent in general, was no stranger to handwritten snark?and critiques of the English language.

  • “It?s been quite awhile since I was really afraid that there was a boogeyman in my closet”
    ?It?s been quite awhile since I was really afraid that there was a boogeyman in my closet, although I am still very careful to keep my feet under the covers when I go to sleep, because the covers are magic and if your feet are covered, it?s like boogeyman kryptonite.??-?Stephen King, Author Of ?Joyland?: On Growing Up, Believing In God And Getting Scared?: NPRI still do this, too.

  • “Music?s like a long train. Some people got on at the beginning of the line.”
    ?Music?s like a long train. Some people got on at the beginning of the line. Others join it later. They can explore the rest of the carriages but their experience of the journey will not be the same as the people who got on earlier. The passengers who?ve been there longest may point out that the train is going round in circles and has passed certain landmarks before. The newer passengers don?t care. It?s new to them. In fact they might get excited about a station which they previously passed through without comment. Their view of the journey is a different one. Unlike real trains, this one has unlimited capacity. Once you?re on the train, nobody checks your ticket.?- David Hepworth?s Notebook: Music?s like a train that nobody gets off

  • A 419 of sublime beauty

    ?These are our works that remain when we fall on the curtain of death. Dying we?carry away any good equipment with us. The prayers and faith in his lord worth?much more than any time in the latter. Fate directs me to you by chance but?certainly your destiny would be drawn by the Lord. This is in pain that man is?the revelation of his strength. I Natacha PALMER I am terminally ill with cancer?and medicine can do nothing to save me for three years then I hear my time in?the death row. It would be an honor if you would accept this gift of $ 2,250,000?that I give you this money because hugged me useless in the abode of Lord if I?find a place down here but this money will be used. There are several?organizations that I could contact but I?d rather not I?d rather it be a person?like everyone else, to whom I entrust this great responsibility to create a?foundation and good works that will fire as the Abbe Pierre and you keep to?yourself 25% of this amount. Please contact me on my private email address:?natachapalmer@superposta.com to give you more information and I am reassured by?your good self-sacrifice and integrity to put you in contact with my lawyer.

    Natacha PALMER?

  • Andy Flower is… Strontium Dog

    It?s been bothering me, who Andy Flower resembles

    And then I realised.

  • Dee D Jackson: ?Automatic Lover? Top of the Pops…
    Dee D Jackson: ?Automatic Lover? Top of the Pops 1978 (by lee nichols) – I had to check Youtube to be sure I didn?t dream this last night. I didn?t. On ToTP they cut short Baker Street to go into this. This says everything you need to know about ToTP.

    This was also Tony Blackburn?s Record of the Week. I make no further comment.

  • Archaeological News: Clear evidence of Roman road in North Wales:



    CLEAR evidence of a Roman road has been found during an archaeological dig close to the home of a Welsh Prince.

    A section of a metalled road on the line of the Roman road from Caerhun to Segontium (Caernarfon) was found during excavations at Cae Celyn, a field near Garth Celyn at?

  • Star Trek Into Darkness: The Spoiler FAQ:

    I finally saw Star Trek on Thursday evening. It was exhausting. By the end I was praying for a static camera on a room painted in primary colours with people doing plot exposition to each other. It moved so fast that I was able to ignore my deepening feeling – from the opening scene – that what was going on made no sense?whatsoever. But then I came home and thought about it. And then I read this. PLOT SPOILERS, SO MANY PLOT SPOILERS.

    I?m beginning to think Damon Lindelof has buried a dirty bomb somewhere in Hollywood and is using this as a means of securing work.

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