Blogging and the art of enthusiasm

It’s been a while since I posted anything meaningful on here.

It’s also been a bit of a grumpy month.

Yesterday, when I was filling in a profile for someone (of which more later) I came up with a possible link between these two things. The question which sparked the thought was?Why do you blog?

To which my immediate answer was I don’t, much, anymore, or at least at the moment.

So I asked the question differently: Why DID I blog??

And I came up with this answer:?To maintain enthusiasm for as many things as possible. I find that when I?m not blogging, I?m crabby and uninterested in the world.

It was an odd realisation. But I think a true one. I used to blog about a lot of things: politics, music, books, movies, digital culture. And when I was doing it, I felt interested and connected in all of those things. There’s something about having a thought and then working it out via a blogpost which deepens one’s attentiveness to something. I read something by Somerset Maugham recently which I now can’t quite remember, but it was to the effect that a notebook is essential even if one never reads one’s notes, because writing something down causes the brain to recall it by engaging with it more deeply.

Blogging’s a lot like that, with bells on, because when you blog you also share. And that causes you to take a little extra care, give things a bit more thought. Not a great deal more – it’s still a sloppy medium – but it is, again, a different quality of attention. Which I’ve rather missed.

I thought for a while that other things had taken the place of blogs: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and the rest. But they’re a 20/20 slugfest compared to the Test Cricket experience of blogging. Sharing a link on Twitter is an ephemeral, knee-jerk thing. Taking the same link and trying to tease out one’s thoughts on it is is essence of blogging, and I’ve missed it.

So I’ll be doing more of it. Sorry. It’s for my benefit, you see. Not yours.

2 thoughts on “Blogging and the art of enthusiasm

  1. Interestingly, one paragraph in that blogpost includes the word “something” three times. Sloppy medium, see? And look, I’m talking to myself again.


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