A Pound of Obscure June 7, 2013

I keep a tumblr at lloydshep.tumblr.com called A Pound of Obscure. Here’s the last week’s posts from it.

  • “There are three first-rate international universities in Turkey”
    ?There are three first-rate international universities in Turkey, and they have faculty clubs where wine is drunk. A decree came out that alcohol must not be sold in universities. The faculty club is now a nuclear winter. You have to apologise to foreigners, then take them by taxi to a hotel; the academic staff have lost a friendly place and the waiters are out of a job. Other nonsensical restrictions were rushed through parliament in a vote taken at 7 a.m. with half of the government?s own supporters absent: a little cloud to be placed over wine glasses on TV and film; warnings ? la cigarette packets placed on bottles of wine (at the making of which the Turks have become proficient); administrative chicanery to stop drinking even in places popular with tourists. Prime Minister Erdogan defended it all with reference to restrictions elsewhere, but everyone knows that Turkey does not have a Finnish (or English) drink problem to justify such things. Drink-driving accounts for about 1 per cent of traffic accidents, far less than speeding, let alone the fasting month of Ramadan, when drivers with low blood-sugar swerve around the road.?- What?s eating Turkey?? The Spectator
  • “Books and films are totally different things”
    ??Books and films are totally different things,? Sharpe said during his interview on Desert Island Discs. ?I say throw the book out the window and use the characters.??- BBC News – Tom Sharpe, Porterhouse Blue novelist, dies aged 85
  • joehillsthrills:We built this together. – John Green

    We built this together. – John Green

    Fuck, yes. – Me.

    Oh my yes indeed.

  • Welcome to Disorient Express

    On July 6th a dozen of us will set off from London by train and attempt to do an entire circuit of Europe (though unlike Napoleon we shall not attempt Moscow). We?re calling it Disorient Express, aka Tourism Grande Vitesse. Here?s the T-shirt.


    And here?s the route we?re taking.

    You can follow us here on Tumblr, on our website, on Facebook?or on Twitter. There?ll be lots of info, lots of stories, lots of pictures and lots of maps. So if any of that sounds like your thing, climb on board. It will be expressive and disorientating?.


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