My First Proper Festival

I’m back in London after my first experience of a Proper Book Festival. It was the inaugural Harrogate History Festival and it was a pleasure from start to finish. We we’re put up at the Very Posh Old Swan. We did a panel this morning entitled Before Sherlock and I had the honour to share the stage with our chair Andrew Taylor along with Robert Ryan, Nick Rennison and Joan Lock. Our audience was both numerous and very friendly and afterwards there was a signing room with Sharpies and a Queue. I felt for at least one morning like a Propah Writah.


On the way home to London I had a couple of hours walking around York in the sunshine. It was beautiful and full of locals out for a stroll. Rather lovely all round. And they have a rather swanky concept of taxis up there.


One thought on “My First Proper Festival

  1. Hello dear Lloyd, I am happy for you that you had such a nice time at the book festival and in York.

    But you ARE a propah writah !! Why would we all have read your two wonderfully written books?

    “Take care” is what you Brits say, right? Bye for now, Edy


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