A heart-stopping rendition of pre-Fire London

My friend Richard Davidson-Houston just sent me this, and it is the most gorgeous and thrilling visual evocation of pre-Great Fire London I think I have ever seen. I’ve just watched it, and am really not exaggerating when I say I held my breath at times.

It’s the work of Pudding Lane Productions, who are six students from De Montfort University (and there’s a name to conjure with, history fans). Find out more about the project, and the astonishing attention to detail that’s gone into this, at their blog.

Pudding Lane Productions, Crytek Off The Map – YouTube.

One thought on “A heart-stopping rendition of pre-Fire London

  1. Lloyd, this is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time and the music is just something else. I’ll send this to my Facebook account for all my friends to watch.
    Ciaooo, Edy


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