I’ve had a blog since the early noughties. It’s had posts about work, about politics, about culture, about my favourite subject (me). It’s more of an archive these days, for what that’s worth. I revisit it occasionally if something comes to mind.

Introducing Plot 10

See this dopey sod in the woolly hat? That’s me, that is, planting a gooseberry bush (Invicta strain, since you ask) with my old friend Dan in our allotment. I put it here because it’s the first fruit bush I’ve ever planted. Having spent more than half a century being violently opposed to gardening, I … Continue reading Introducing Plot 10

Tinnitus and me

When I was a child, I assumed everyone had the same ailments as me – though that’s the wrong word, as I didn’t consider them to be ailments. They were more like the price you paid for owning a body. So I thought everyone got breathless after climbing the stairs, everyone struggled to see the … Continue reading Tinnitus and me

Me and Mr James

As of late last night, I have read all the prose fiction that Henry James wrote. That’s 20 novels and 12 volumes of short – and not-so-short – stories. I didn’t include two unfinished novels, nor a collaborative novel he wrote with 11 other authors. It’s taken me a little over two years to read … Continue reading Me and Mr James


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