I’ve had a blog since the early noughties. It’s had posts about work, about politics, about culture, about my favourite subject (me). It’s more of an archive these days, for what that’s worth. I revisit it occasionally if something comes to mind.

Me and Mr James

As of late last night, I have read all the prose fiction that Henry James wrote. That’s 20 novels and 12 volumes of short – and not-so-short – stories. I didn’t include two unfinished novels, nor a collaborative novel he wrote with 11 other authors. It’s taken me a little over two years to read … Continue reading Me and Mr James

Three months of books

Three months of books and audiobooks. Ulysses casts a bloody massive shadow – I finished it at my fourth attempt – but the Gorbachev biography is also very highly recommended. On the audiobook front, Lincoln in the Bardo is like nothing I’ve ever heard before – multiple voices weave in and out, it could be … Continue reading Three months of books

John Milton, Screenwriting Don

I’ve just listened to the first episode of the BBC’s adaptation of Paradise Lost, with Ian McKellen as Milton and Simon Russell Beale as Satan. The adaptation, by Michael Symmons Roberts, is?exquisite, but I had some thoughts on Milton’s work itself, and why it’s endured for so long. Yes, the poetry is transcendent, but it’s … Continue reading John Milton, Screenwriting Don


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