links for 2010-12-03

  • "1794 tells the story of one amazing year through the lives of eight men and one woman who all experienced it in life-changing ways. It’s my personal, partial and permanently unfinished version of history. It’s also an experiment in stripping the book down to its barest essentials, then adding some of the flexibility and remixability of the web."

links for 2010-10-27

  • "Network Realism is writing that is of and about the network. It’s realism because it’s so close to our present reality. A realism that posits an increasingly 1:1 relationship between Fiction and the World. A realtime link. And it’s networked because it lives in a place that’s that’s enabled by, and only recently made possible by, our technological connectedness."
  • "Law 3: No one has thought about selling the advertising
    Weirdly, because advertising actually makes the business press go round, no one in the ad department will have thought about how to organise the selling of online ads. There will be no scheduling tool to ensure no one books the same space at the same time; no one will have been given responsibility for coordinating the online ads, and no one will have consulted with web development about what formats work or not. As an added bonus, the tracking codes provided by the client for their banner ads may clash with the tracking codes used by the publisher. Trail fail."