Is the Atlantic really resurgent?

Robin Sloan writes on how the Atlantic introduced him to ideas, and how it’s on a surge:

But the Atlantic is resurgent. I feel it. They’ve got a credible web strat egy that manages to leverage the physics of the web with out sacrificing sophistication, and it’s paying dividends

via The Atlantic rides again (again) « Snarkmarket.

I have a rather different point of view. Online, yes, the Atlantic is doing awesome work. But I resubscribed after a four year gap and the first edition arrived this week. And I have to say it’s disappointing: somehow thinner than the thing I remember. And the cover story is James Fallows’s somewhat dreamy piece about Google and the news, which we were all talking about three weeks ago. It now feels old and somehow silly to be sending me something I’ve read so closely. I cam away thinking “this is what happens when management focusses on digital – and forgets print.”

Curmudgeonly, moi.