Find a blog on any topic, courtesy of Google

Google Launches Blog Finder for Any Topic:

Google has quietly launched a new feature: search for blogs on any topic. The company announced the new type of search in a weekly round-up of search updates last week, and respected SEO blogger Bill Slawski argues that the launch may be related to a new Google patent.

This has the potential to be a wildly useful service. How many of you have had professional or personal reasons to seek a list of the top blogs on a new topic? I know I, and many people I talk to, find themselves in such need frequently.

Been looking for something like this for literally years

Back in the saddle

I’ve been very much enjoying Russell’s posts on commencing blogging again, and the re-emergence of web-publishing in an old-school stylee in the wake of Steve Gillmor’s farcical claim that RSS is dead (presumably it took three months for anyone to notice this post because they were following it in an RSS reader instead of twitter). Also nice to see Simon starting to use his blog as the external brain for his book, and to see Tom Watson enjoying his new found post-ministerial freedom to start making some punchy and profound pronouncements.

So, although one is nowhere near in the same league as those guys, the value of blogging is being demonstrated once more. And I found the best description of a blog on David Hepworth’s blog: he describes it as “a bunch of thoughts that won’t go anywhere else.” Lovely.

So here we go again…