Telegraph goes with Disqus and BuddyPress for communities

Our solution has been to plug the Telegraph’s own registration system into two platforms, one of which powers comments across and the other gives every reader a profile and the option to set up a blog, join discussion groups and create a network of other readers. This same registration system allows readers to sign up for various Telegraph services, including email newsletters and our subscriber website, and this expanding all the time. For comments we have partnered with Disqus, a terrific start up based in San Francisco which impressed not only because of the range of tools on offer but also because of their understanding of the dynamics of conversations on the web.

Reader profiles, blogs and discussion groups are now built in BuddyPress, a platform that adds social networking features (such as profiles) to WordPress MU. Last summer we moved our journalists’ blogs to WordPress so in many ways this was a natural extension of that project for us. A development team here at the Telegraph have now built on the excellent work of Andy Peatling and the BuddyPress team and created a version of BuddyPress specifically for our readers.

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Euston moves to Victoria

The Telegraph’s Euston project is changing stations and moving back to TMG HQ in Victoria:

The Euston Project, which employs about 25 staff, has been the subject of a strategic review since the abrupt departure of Lewis in May after a dispute over strategic direction with chief executive Murdoch MacLennan.

The division, which had been launched to develop new digital revenue streams, will be rebranded as the Digital Futures division.

“The Digital Futures division will remain a separate, state-of-the-art research and development operation within Telegraph Media Group,” the company said in an internal email to staff sent yesterday, seen by “It will be moving from Euston and will now be based in the group's Victoria head office in order to ensure full integration across all TMG's businesses.”

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